Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read the T&C





- All fees should be paid prior when booking online by bank transfer payable to FM Luxury Boarding Kennels Ltd.

-A deposit of £100 per dog is required for bookings over £100. - See our cancellation policy below

-Any booking of £100 or less must be paid in FULL at time of booking

- Please note that all rooms are charged by the day and a morning collection or evening drop off will incur a half day charge.  All rates are daily.

- Prices for boarding are double on Christmas, Boxing, New Year’s Day and Bank Holidays.

- The Kennels are closed on Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and bank holidays for drop off and pick ups.

-No dog will be received or released other than in normal business hours which are-


Monday to Saturday- 9.00-10:30am 4.00-5.30pm.

Sun 10am – 11.30am only

Drop off or collection before opening hours must be agreed prior to booking or may incur a £5.00 charge for every 30 minutes.

When a booking is made, a fixed date and time on which the owner will collect their dog will be agreed. If the owner wishes to collect their dog before that date, they may do so but will remain liable to pay boarding fees up to the agreed collection date.

Cancellation Policy

If a booking is cancelled or altered, deposits will only be transferred if written cancellation or alteration is received 30 days before the intended arrival date.

Should any bookings be cancelled for whatever reason less than 7 days before the start date then the full outstanding amount is still chargeable.

It is understood that whilst every effort is taken for the care and well-being of your dog(s) they are left at the owner’s risk.  Also, belongings (such as toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, bowls) are also left at the owners risk.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and have current vaccination certificate and all boosters must be up to date. Vaccination certificates must be produced on arrival, as the health & welfare of our guests is important to us.

We cannot accept any dog without proof of up to date inoculations and kennel cough vaccination.

Dogs must be fit and in good health and must be vaccinated with the annual booster (DHPPi). We also request that your dog has been vaccinated for kennel Cough a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding at FM Luxury Boarding Kennels.

If any dog on arrival has not had its Kennel Cough vaccination more than 14 days before hand it will be refused and the full outstanding balance will still be payable


Uncollected Pets

- If pets are not collected within 14 days of the date on which he/she is due to leave the kennels, and no communication is received from the owner and owners cannot be contacted, a decision to rehome or hand over the dog to a rescue kennels will be made.